Robots.txt Genera

Robots.txt is a file that contains instructions for crawling a website. It's also known as a bot exclusion protocol, and websites use this standard to tell bots which part of their website needs to be indexed. 

You can specify which areas these trackers should not process; Such areas contain duplicate content or are under development.

Bots like malware scanners and email harvesters don't follow this standard and look for weaknesses in your security and There's a good chance they'll start scanning your website in the areas you don't want indexed.

A complete Robots.txt file will contain "User-Agent", and under it, you can write other directives like "Allow", "Disallow", "Scrawl Delay", etc.

If written manually, it can take a long time, and you can type multiple command lines into one file. If you want to exclude a site, you need to type "Disallow - the link you don't want bots to visit".

The same applies to the authorization attribute.

If you think the robots.txt file is gone, it's not easy, because one wrong line can exclude your site from the indexing queue.

It is therefore better to leave the task to the professionals, leave it to our robots. Txt generator takes care of the file for you.

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